A Special Milkshake

Having eaten “cold confectionary treats” in Mombasa I can tell you that the only similarity between Alpine Ice Cream here and elsewhere in the world was in the spelling of the name.  Mamaw Duncan came to visit Kenya during her later years.  Mom had a way of making everyone feel at home, even her “in law”.  The only way that I can describe the vast difference between this ice cream and Mom’s homemade goodness is to relate the following story.  This is the story of the “special milk shake”.  Alan and I were in one of the local ice cream shops and were trying to decide which choice would more closely approximate the taste of Mom’s homemade Ice cream.  We both noticed the marquee explaining that this store sold not only “milk shakes”, but “special milk shakes”.  With our curiosity aroused we asked the proprietor what made the “special” milk shake so “special”?  He did not even crack a smile when he proudly announced that the item that made these milk shakes special was “ICE CREAM”!  Alan and I could not find the door fast enough following that revelation.


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