“Hunting” Season

While in Africa we hunted for most of the meat that graced our table.  As a child I loved to go on these trips to the “bush”.  In Kenya at the time we hunted you rented or reserved tracks of land that were set aside as hunting areas.  These large areas were set aside as hunting “blocks” and only so many hunters could occupy the same block at the same time.  Most of these areas were also inhabited by members of the nomadic Maasai tribal group.  These wandering herdsmen are often portrayed as the “face” of Kenya’s warriors.  These nomads wander across the vast bush of Kenya herding their cattle from water hole to grazing area in a never ending quest for forage and moisture.  One of the things you could always count of was after setting up camp sooner or later a few of these proud people would wander out of the surrounding bush to see what was going on in their territory.  For Mom and Dad mission work did not stop just because we were out “shopping” for the larder.  We always shared spoils from the hunt as well as medical help when the need arose.  The Bible speaks of entertaining “angels” unaware and I know that Mom and Dad did just that several times while on these hunts.  I must admit though that I tend to imagine angels wearing more than just a Masai shuka!  Modesty sometimes took a backseat when the wind blew the wrong way.  Lessons learned during these “chance” encounters later paved the way to further the work of the Lord for Dad and Julia Duncan (my new mom) while they served in Kenya later in life.  The Word tells us that we should always be ready to share His good news both in season and out.  I am sure that the Lord was not speaking of “hunting” season however I do know He won’t mind me making the comparison in this blog.  I am often asked if I felt I missed out in life because I lived in Kenya for so many years.  I would say that quite the contrary is true, I don’t know many adults that have experienced what I took for granted growing up in Kenya!


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