“Hunting” Season

January 29, 2009

While in Africa we hunted for most of the meat that graced our table.  As a child I loved to go on these trips to the “bush”.  In Kenya at the time we hunted you rented or reserved tracks of land that were set aside as hunting areas.  These large areas were set aside as hunting “blocks” and only so many hunters could occupy the same block at the same time.  Most of these areas were also inhabited by members of the nomadic Maasai tribal group.  These wandering herdsmen are often portrayed as the “face” of Kenya’s warriors.  These nomads wander across the vast bush of Kenya herding their cattle from water hole to grazing area in a never ending quest for forage and moisture.  One of the things you could always count of was after setting up camp sooner or later a few of these proud people would wander out of the surrounding bush to see what was going on in their territory.  For Mom and Dad mission work did not stop just because we were out “shopping” for the larder.  We always shared spoils from the hunt as well as medical help when the need arose.  The Bible speaks of entertaining “angels” unaware and I know that Mom and Dad did just that several times while on these hunts.  I must admit though that I tend to imagine angels wearing more than just a Masai shuka!  Modesty sometimes took a backseat when the wind blew the wrong way.  Lessons learned during these “chance” encounters later paved the way to further the work of the Lord for Dad and Julia Duncan (my new mom) while they served in Kenya later in life.  The Word tells us that we should always be ready to share His good news both in season and out.  I am sure that the Lord was not speaking of “hunting” season however I do know He won’t mind me making the comparison in this blog.  I am often asked if I felt I missed out in life because I lived in Kenya for so many years.  I would say that quite the contrary is true, I don’t know many adults that have experienced what I took for granted growing up in Kenya!


The New Deal

January 24, 2009

Perhaps Robert Burns said it best when he mentioned that, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!”

I thought I would start off with a explanation of why my blogging project got derailed for almost a year.  Here was plan A, I was to take a few weeks off and then start updating my blog with the zillion or so pictures that either Dad or myself took during our time in Kenya.  I found a great place online that would scan those pictures and take special care of my photographic memories by converting them to a digital form.  After careful research I decided that the company “digmypics” should get my business.  After trying to decide whether to send a few test slides or my whole stash I decided to gamble all my cards in one play and boxed up my collection and shipped them off to Arizona.  Things were going great at first as the good folks from “digmypics” received my slides and started converting my memories to a digital form.  Then as it sometimes does disaster struck!  I was checking on my order and received the news that “digmypics” had burnt to the ground over the weekend!  I will not bore you with the heart-wrenching details but will just say that this company went above and beyond the call of duty and ended up returning approximately 7/8’s of my slides intact and just slightly worse for wear.

I choose this picture to start the year off because it tells several stories.  First, it demonstrates with visual clarity the near miss my memories took during the fire at digmypics.  As a computer geek I spend most of my day telling folks to back up their work unless they are willing to live without it.  I feel fairly certain that had the fire been at my house this and several other priceless memories would not have survived the ordeal.  I cannot stress my thanks enough the the folks at digmypics for their efforts on my behalf.  At the date of this post they are back and in my humble opinion better than ever at “making you smile all over again.”  Go visit the site and read the about page to understand what type of people are still out in the world!  Second, this blog has always been about Mom and the things she said and did during her brief visit to earth.  Mom was the entertainer, she was alway busy making sure that those around her were fed both physically and spiritually.  It looks like she is busy doing what she excelled at, making sure the party went off without a hitch!  Third, this picture shows me hamming it up for the camera.  Since you have seen a video or three of mine many years later I bet you can guess what has not changed over the decades.  By the way I intend to do several video blogs since the new laptop I have comes equipped with a built in camera.  Fourth, since sibling rivalry has no statute of limitations it gives me a great chance to bust on my older brother.  Take a look at those teeth!  Perhaps I will take the opportunity to regale you with that story at another time!  Needless to say I am glad to be back and look forward to all comments